#22 One year on

The 2009 season has seen the former Honda team now BrawnGP crowned the constructor champions and their driver Jenson Button the drivers world champion. Whilst we all knew that the 2009 season shook up the grid considerably, with the rise of BrawnGP and Red Bull Racing, with Ferrari and McLaren knocked off their perch. In this post I look at how the teams performed in the 2008 season and then in 2009 to see who were the winners and losers.
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#21 Random facts about the 2009 F1 Season

As the race in Abu Dhabi has finished, I bring you some random facts about the 2009 Season:

17 Races
988 Laps
25 Drivers
6 Race Winners
643.5 Total Points
11 Different drivers on the Podium
10 Different drivers set Fastest Lap
51 Retirements (Average of 3 per race)

Most Poles: Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton (4)
Most Wins: Jenson Button (6)
Most Second Places: Mark Webber (4)
Most Third Places: Kimi Raikkonen (3)
Most Podiums: Jenson Button (9)
Most Fastest Laps: Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel (3)
Most Laps Completed: Rubens Barrichello (977 Laps = 98.9% of the total completed)

Most Poles: BrawnGP and Red Bull (5)
Most Wins: BrawnGP (8)
Most Second Places: Red Bull (6)
Most Third Places: Red Bull and Ferrari (4)
Most Podiums:  Red Bull (16)
Most Fastest Laps: Reb Bull (6)
Most Laps Completed: BrawnGP (1921 Laps = 97.22% of total completed)

Over the next week I hope to bring more facts and stats about the 2009 Formula One season!

#20 Favourite F1 Liveries

After seeing what this years Renault would look like if the team ditched the awful colour scheme and instead used the yellow and black colours, it made me think about which liveries were my favourites and I realised that I have quite a few. So I have attempted to narrow down those which I consider my favourites…

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#19 The Race of Lasts…

The race at Abu Dhabi may be the first but will see a number of lasts.

  • Fernando Alonso is leaving the team he won 2 World Championships with (again) and will be moving to Ferrari for next year.
  • The 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen will be driving his last race for Ferrari, where he will be driving next year remains uncertain.
  • Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld will be driving for the BMW team for the last time as BMW withdraw from the sport, Kubica is off to Renault for the 2010 season and Heidfeld’s F1 future is unknown.

As of right now these are the known lasts in Formula 1 because of the lack of annoucments regarding drives for next season.Whilst there are those that are rumoured nothing has been confirmed so we can’t be certain of anything. One thing is for sure the 2010 grid will look very different to that of this season.

There could well be a number of drivers who are driving in Formula One for the last time…

The 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen will be driving his last race for Ferrari, his future remains unknown.

#17 Would the Championship still be going?

Sometime ago I looked at the different point scoring systems to see how they would affect the championship as it was back then. Now with the championship won by Jenson Button in Brazil, I’m going to look again to see if under a different system the championship would have continued on to the finale in Abu Dhabi.

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#16 The 2009 World Champion

A quick apology to anyone using google reader who will have got a post containing quite a few blahs, this was a test post and I didn’t realise that google reader would keep hold of that post!

I’m going to use this post to also congratulate the 2009 World Champion Jenson Button because at the end of the day he won more races than anyone else this year and managed to keep himself in the points in all but one race this year.

Jenson Button

This photo goes to show that even with some dodgy Santendar trophies there are still some very good looking trophies!

#15 Formula One Adverts

This is a post I intended to make some time ago after discussion with the comments over on sidepodcast (if you have never checked out the site, then do so they produce brilliant podcasts). This is a bunch of Formula One related adverts and these are just the ones I gathered together in about an hour from the funny to the plain bizarre.  There are many more out there so if you know any or have particular favourites then please share them!

Prepare for a lot of youtube videos…

#14 The Ideal Race Calendar

After a discussion in the comments over on sidepodcast about circuits people want to see on the calendar and those circuits people would like to disappear completely. So in I am opening up the discussion up here on my blog to see people’s view on their ideal Formula One race calendar, below I have listed my choices and the circuits.

  1. Australian GP – Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
  2. Malayisian GP – Sepang International Circuit
  3. San Marino GP – Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola)
  4. Spainish GP – Circuit de Catalunya
  5. Monaco GP – Circuit de Monaco
  6. Canadian GP – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  7. USA GP – (I don’t know any good USA circuits!)
  8. Brazil GP – Autódromo José Carlos Pace (Interlagos)
  9. British GP – Silverstone
  10. German GP – Nurburgring
  11. Belgium GP – Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  12. Italien GP – Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  13. European GP – Alternate around circuits in Europe
  14. Singapore GP – Singapore Street Circuit
  15. Japanese GP – Suzuka Circuit

I have only listed 15 races, a small calendar but there would be room to add the French, Portuguese and even Abu Dhabi as we are yet to see what the circuit is even like but I would still finish with the Japanese Grand Prix. I’d get rid the Turkish, Chinese and Bahrain Grand Prix, although I would like to see the Turkish race on the calendar considering the low crowds it is one circuit that should go.

Now it is over to you, what do you want to see?

#13 2010 Grid

After this post where I discovered to my amazement that there were 20 empty seats for the 2010 season, as no announcements had been made by any teams. After months of speculation Fernando Alonso is now confirmed at Ferrari for next year, it is expected that the drivers market will now start to move (about time!) Many people have tried to work out what next year grid’s may look like, GP+ writer Joe Saward among them. Hopefully now the 2010 grid will now take shape and we will see who managed to predict who was going where. I will be using this post to keep track of who goes where, with the 2010 grid expected to look a lot different to what we have been used to.

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#12 Suzuka Returns

Since watching my first race in 2003, there is one track that stands out to me more than any other and that circuit returns to Formula One after a two year absence. Suzuka.

Since I’ve watched, in 2003 Schumacher was crowned champion, 2006 saw Alonso win and Schumacher’s engine fail ending Schumacher’s hopes of the championship. However the race that will always stick out is 2005, where the drivers championship had already been decided in the previous race in Brazil, Kimi Raikkonen won from the race from 17th on the grid after passing Fisichella on the last lap of the race. This was a race that a featured two of the greatest overtaking manoeuvres in the history of F1 and left me speechless. The BBC feature the 2005 race as part of their classic F1 series, which can be found here, there are probably more overtakes in this race than there have been all of this season.

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